Commonwealth Interoperability Coordinator’s Office (CICO)

About the Office

The Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security (OVAHS) was established to ensure the implementation of the Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) and coordinate major interoperability activities across the Commonwealth. Within the office, interoperability is a primary concern, and planning to improve communications interoperability takes place across the various Secretariats and levels of government.

The OVAHS coordinates initiatives, communicates information, and facilitates discussion on interoperability efforts among state, local, and federal stakeholders. As the scope of the OVAHS expands over time, or as initiatives are accomplished, the responsibilities of the OVAHS may change to accommodate this growth.


Responsibilities of the OVAHS SWIC

The OVAHS ensures that the SCIP meets the communications interoperability needs of Virginia’s public safety practitioners and aligns with direction from the Commonwealth and the federal government. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Liaise among the local and regional public safety community, state agencies and officials, and the federal government
  • Drive and coordinate the effort to implement the SCIP
  • Revise the SCIP annually
  • Ensure proper representation within the interoperability governance structure
  • Develop and measure long-term and annual performance measures to show progress towards improved interoperability
  • Coordinate the compilation of state investment justifications for communications interoperability
  • Serve as the liaison between the SIEC and other groups
  • Serve as a member of the Commonwealth Preparedness Working Group (CPWG)
  • Pursue funding support for the effort