Panel Members

  1. Chairperson, Secretary of Public Safety & Homeland Security -Brian J. Moran
  2. Lieutenant Governor-Ralph S. Northam
  3. Attorney General-Mark R. Herring
  4. Secretary of Commerce and Trade-Dr. Maurice Jones
  5. Secretary of Transportation-Aubrey Layne
  6. Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs–John Harvey
  7. Secretary of Technology-Karen Jackson
  8. Secretary of Health and Human Resources–Dr. Bill Hazel
  9. Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia-Karl R. Hade
  10. State Coordinator of Emergency Management or designee- Dr. Jeff Stern
  11. Superintendent of the State Police or designee- Colonel Steven Flaherty
  12. Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard or designee- Maj. Gen. Williams
  13. State Health Commissioner- Dr. Marissa Levine
  14. House of Delegates–L. Scott Lingamfelter
  15. House of Delegates–Joseph C. Lindsey
  16. House of Delegates–John M. O’Bannon, III
  17. Speaker of the House Appointment–James F. Horton
  18. Speaker of the House Appointment– John Guerva
  19. Senate-Bryce Reeves
  20. Senate-Jeremy McPike
  21. Senate- Frank Ruff, Chairman of the Committee on GeneralLaws and Technology
  22. Senate Committee on Rules Appointment-Margaret G. Vanderhye
  23. Senate Committee on Rules Appointment–Joseph F. Bouchard
  24. Governor Appointment, Local First Responder– John Bell
  25. Governor Appointment, Local First Responder–R. Michael Mohler
  26. Governor Appointment, Local Government Representative–Kirby K. Felts
  27. Governor Appointment, Local Government Representative–Angelia Marie Williams
  28. Governor Appointment, Local Government Representative–James Redick
  29. Governor Appointment, Physician with Knowledge of Public Health–Paul Diamond
  30. Governor Appointment, Physician with Knowledge of Public Health–Reuben Korah Varghese
  31. Governor Appointment, Business/Industry–Corey Jackson
  32. Governor Appointment, Business/Industry–Dario Otero Marquez
  33. Governor Appointment, Business/Industry –Elizabeth Leffel
  34. Governor Appointment, Business/Industry - Sean Cushing
  35. Governor Appointment, Private Sector–Patrick E. DeConcini
  36. Governor Appointment, Private Sector–John A Braun
  37. Governor Appointment, Private Sector–Donald Wayne Upson
  38. Governor Appointment, Private Sector–Michael L Hamlar